Racism and the Average Canadian- Part II: Amy Cooper in Central Park

I never fully understood racism in the United States until May 25, 2020. At least not from the point of view of an American Black person, maybe intellectually but certainly not viscerally. That happened just hours before I learned of George Floyd’s murder, when I watched the video of Amy Cooper in Central Park.

Five Ways to Level Up Your Life Using New-found Extra Time in Quarantine

If you are currently in the mood to simply stay in your pajamas and check Twitter every 5 minutes or just cut out the world and cuddle your family, then go for it. You do what you need to do to survive some of the worst weeks of our lives. However, if you are lookingContinue reading “Five Ways to Level Up Your Life Using New-found Extra Time in Quarantine”

Starting Over in New York City

This is the story of Vidya Thangirala, a true world traveler, who started a new life in New York City in her mid-30s. And over the last three years made it her new home. In this interview we discuss what it is like to build a new life in one of the busiest and mostContinue reading “Starting Over in New York City”

Discover a New Side of You on Vacation (while still staying relaxed)

Going away on a sunny holiday to a resort? This is the only “free” time you’ll have for a while? Here are some easy ways to discover new parts of you without trying too hard that you can bring back to “regular” life.