Racism and the Average Canadian- Part II: Amy Cooper in Central Park

I never fully understood racism in the United States until May 25, 2020.

At least not from the point of view of an American Black person, maybe intellectually but certainly not viscerally. That happened just hours before I learned of George Floyd’s murder, when I watched the video of Amy Cooper in Central Park.

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Racism and the Average Canadian- Part I: Tales of Racism

I grew up in Toronto, in Scarborough – arguably the most ethnically and racially diverse part of an already highly diverse city. If I review my history of facing racism in Toronto, I can think of exactly three overtly racist events in my 23 years in Canada.

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Pushing Fitness Beyond Mental and Physical Limits

This is the story of Ryan Keay, who at 38, started on a fitness path that eventually led him to race in Spartan obstacle courses, while shedding 50lbs along the way. In this highly inspiring interview, Ryan and I talk about what made him start and what it took to get to where he is today.

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Five Ways to Level Up Your Life Using New-found Extra Time in Quarantine

If you are currently in the mood to simply stay in your pajamas and check Twitter every 5 minutes or just cut out the world and cuddle your family, then go for it. You do what you need to do to survive some of the worst weeks of our lives. However, if you are looking for some ideas to Level Up during Quarantine 2020, look no further than below! I have compiled 5 ways you can level up easily and emerge as a new you when life outside of the home resumes again.

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Leaving Corporate Life to Become an Independent Consultant

This is the story of Joanne Dong, an independent consultant, currently focused on solving challenging problems in US Healthcare using technology. In this in-depth interview, Joanne and I speak about her journey from growing up in communist China to becoming a consultant and the many pivots she made along the way.

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Starting Over in New York City

This is the story of Vidya Thangirala, a true world traveler, who started a new life in New York City in her mid-30s. And over the last three years made it her new home. In this interview we discuss what it is like to build a new life in one of the busiest and most exciting cities in the world.

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5 Steps for Building an Exercise Habit

I have been trying to build a life long exercise habit before turning 40 and I am about 10 weeks into a 6 month (plus the rest of my life) process. I can honestly say, I exercise now nearly every day (confession – I did stop when on vacation). In this post, I’ll quickly summarize the 5 steps that led to my own success so far. For more details, you can read my four part series on Building the Exercise Habit .

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15 Great Quotes by Inspirational Women

In honor of International Women’s Day, here are 15 quotes by some of the most interesting and inspirational women out there – businesswomen, journalists, comediennes & politicians. Let their words inspire today as we celebrate women everywhere.

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What it Takes to Be a Tech Entrepreneur

Dan & I hanging out near Lake Ontario

This is the story of Dan Lee, co-founder of Qalius and CTO of Pllenty. He had the heart of an entrepreneur before being an entrepreneur was in fashion and Toronto became the Tech and Innovation hub that it is today. In this interview I pick Dan’s brain about what it takes to be a Tech entrepreneur and learn about his journey.

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