Midlife Pivot

If our lives were a three act play… mid-life that is 40s, 50s and 60s – is the pivotal second act.

Life’s first is often shaped by “forces” beyond our control. Random things like our birthplace, our families, our communities and built in social pressure drive so much of who we are in early life.

Even in our 20s we choose patterns of behaviour we are exposed to. We get a job that pays well. We look into buying property. We find a partner to settle down to start a family. All these are driven partially by societal expectations and by biology – surely there is choice but choice is restricted by factors beyond our understanding.

Yet as we approach our second act, with decades of wisdom and experience, and a much clearer understanding of what we want, we have the opportunity to pivot. To shape our second act according to our own vision. Take the reigns of our paths and destinies more than ever before and put all these hard earned lessons to work.

If you’re a Gen X-er or an older Millennial or just someone curious about how to shift and pivot and find the optimal you – join me on the midlife pivot.