Discover a New Side of You on Vacation (while still staying relaxed)

Going away on a sunny holiday to a resort? This is the only “free” time you’ll have for a while? Here are some easy ways to discover new parts of you without trying too hard that you can bring back to “regular” life.

1. Try a New Colour/Style. In my early 20s I saw a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses in a lime green colour that I *really* wanted to buy. Yet, part of me felt like I just wasn’t the type of person who can pull off lime green sunglasses without looking ridiculous. However, vacation me at 38 was more than able to show off bright pink sunglasses.

If you have admired a “look” or a colour or a pattern but had trouble imagining yourself as the type of person who can pull it off, vacation is a great time to start! No judgment, minimal investment. And wear your new colour often during vacation, so it feels natural when you are back home.

My dear friend Dan started a trend of wearing beautiful Hawaiian shirts following a vacation to Hawaii. Today, Hawaiian shirts are a part of Dan’s everyday look!

2. Load up on new podcasts for the plane ride. The lack of free wifi on the plane is the perfect way to try some new podcasts. If you have been meaning to try a new podcast, now is the time to download the most interesting episodes and “force” yourself to listen! If you’re new to podcasts, here are some popular and interesting ones to get started:

3. Build a Playlist with Local Music. As a music lover, building a playlist is a key component of how I have fun. I have playlists for almost all major and minor events in my life – thanks to Spotify.

So get yourself in the vacation mood by building a playlist of local artists from your destination!

If you’re going to Greece, build a playlist full of Greek artists. If you’re going to Jamaica then listen to some Reggae.

Build your playlist as soon as you make your booking. Then listen to it while packing, getting ready and on the taxi, on the plane, while soaking in the sites and when you’re back to be reminded of those sunny memories.

4. Come Back Home with Less Stuff. A lot of resorts have donation programs. Why not leave some of your stuff behind for people who may benefit from them. Ask at the front desk if they have such programs and leave behind gently used things that can be put to much better use than being lugged back home.

5. Make a New Friend. Put all your effort into making one new connection. Something deeper than just casual chitchat. Exchange info when you leave and keep in touch. New people, different people, open doors to whole new world for us. And even if they don’t, connections build community and belonging and we can always have more connections.

6. Find a New Technique to Relax and Bring it with you. I’m always reminded of how much I enjoy massages when I go on vacation, but I never make time for them at home. I think the key is to find a relaxation activity – whether massage or soaking in a hot tub – that we can incorporate into our “normal” lives. It doesn’t have to be massage. You can try a meditation app, or a resort yoga class, or go for a daily run or a myriad of activities that are proven to relax the brain and body.

Vacations are a wonderful way to jump start a new outlook, as long as we do it in a fun and relaxing way. I hope you can try some of these ideas or come up with your own to bring back a new-er you when you return from the holidays!

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