5 Steps for Building an Exercise Habit

I have been trying to build a life long exercise habit before turning 40 and I am about 10 weeks into a 6 month (plus the rest of my life) process. I can honestly say, I exercise now nearly every day (confession – I did stop when on vacation). In this post, I’ll quickly summarize the 5 steps that led to my own success so far. For more details, you can read my four part series on Building the Exercise Habit .

Step 1: Make a 6 Month Commitment

Complex habits like exercise takes at least 6 months to build. So mentally prepare to motivate yourself for 6 to 12 months.

Step 2: Plan Ahead

Every day mentally plan for the next day’s exercise. Keep workout gear visible and know when in your schedule you will do your workout.

Step 3: Identify and Remove Barriers

Before blaming lack of motivation for why you are not exercising, identify all real barriers you face and actively find solutions.

Step 4: Start Slow

Being sore or exhausted early on will only derail your progress. Take it as slow as you need to and build from there. Remember you are looking at a 6 month commitment!

Step 5: Keep it Simple

Find an activity you enjoy that works your heart and add a basic strength training routine. Keep it simple and execute for 30-45 minutes nearly every day.

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3 thoughts on “5 Steps for Building an Exercise Habit

    1. It is so awful Alex.. so awful. I guess on the bright side there are a lot of really awesome free exercise videos and classes out there right now. I am in a minor funk right now due to the awful state of the world, but next week I am hoping to try some of these classes. What do you usually do for exercise?


      1. Adriene yoga videos, walks, tennis, cricket. Sadly can’t do the last two but am going to cycle a lot more unless the lockdown gets more strict of course. Then it will be lots of yoga and pilates videos!


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